to use the human health service provided by Art ‘N Hair Limited Liability Company (head office: 1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 53.; Cg: 01-09-348509, tax number: 27084731-2-41; TEV: 8690).

I. General provisions

1.1. Art ‘N Hair Limited Liability Company – hereinafter: Art ‘N Hair Private Clinic – is a business company authorized to provide privately funded human health services, which has the necessary official permits, material and personal conditions for carrying out such activities based on the applicable laws and professional protocols.

1.2. These general terms and conditions – hereinafter: GTC – contain the general conditions of the treatment contract concluded between the Private Clinic and the privately funded human health service – hereinafter: Service – user patient – hereinafter: Patient – which are not separately regulated in the contract, which is considered a provision of the contract between the parties. These Terms and Conditions form an inseparable part of the contract between the Parties.

1.3. At the same time as signing the treatment contract (patient registration, declaration of consent), the Patient recognizes the General Terms and Conditions as binding on him/her, and also declares that he/she has familiarized himself with its content and recognizes its provisions as binding on him/her.

1.4. The Private Clinic is entitled to unilaterally amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time. The amended General Terms and Conditions become effective upon publication on the Magánklinika website (

1.5. These Terms and Conditions enter into force on January 1, 2020 and are valid until withdrawn or amended.

II. About the human health service

2.1. The Service is provided by the Private Clinic on the basis of the treatment contract (patient registration, declaration of consent) concluded between it and the Patient while ensuring the Patient’s right to free self-determination.

2.2. The cooperation of the contracting parties is essential for the performance of the Service. As part of the collaboration, the patient is obliged to inform the Private Clinic and the attending physician of all the facts and circumstances necessary to establish the diagnosis, prepare the appropriate treatment plan and carry out the interventions. The patient acknowledges that, in the case of certain treatments, it is necessary to sign a separate information sheet and a contract and consent statement on the use of the human health service.

If the Patient does not or does not comply with his contractual and statutory obligation to provide information, the Private Clinic is exempted from bearing the resulting consequences, and the Private Clinic or the attending physician shall not be held professionally or financially responsible for them.

2.3 During the treatment, the treating doctor and other persons participating in the care may be present, as well as those to whose presence the patient has consented.

III. Remuneration of the Service

3.1. The Private Clinic provides the Service as a human health service not financed by OEP, therefore the Service is subject to a fee. The consideration for the Service (hereinafter: Fee) shall be paid by the Patient according to the price list of the Private Clinic in force at all times and published at its premises and on its website.

3.2. The price list contains in detail the amount of fees (package prices) that must be paid by the patient, as well as the exact content of the package prices.

3.3. The Patient accepts the amount of the Fee in effect at the time of using the Service by making the appointment.

3.4. The Fee is paid at the same time as the treatment is used, against the accounting receipt issued by the Private Clinic.

3.5. The Private Clinic is entitled to request a surgical advance from the patient for the purpose of booking/guaranteeing surgery appointments, and informs the patient about the method and possibilities of the advance payment by e-mail or in person in the case of a personal consultation after the appointment has been agreed upon.

3.5.1. The Private Clinic is entitled to request an appointment booking fee from the patient for the purpose of booking/providing the consultation appointment and hair treatments, and informs the patient of the payment methods and options after the appointment has been arranged by e-mail or in person in case of a personal appointment.

Payment of the advance payment/appointment fee can be made by bank card payment, PayPal payment, or by bank transfer by the deadline specified by the clinic.

In the case of delayed or missed reservation payment, the Private Clinic is entitled to unilaterally cancel the pre-arranged, optionally registered surgery appointment, treatment appointment, or consultation appointment.

3.6. The Private Clinic is entitled to unilaterally modify the published price list at any time. The fees according to the amended price list are effective after the publication of the price list on the website of the Private Clinic.

ARC. Procedure for using the Service

4.1. The process of using the service is based on the clinic’s regulations. The clinic’s regulations are available on the clinic’s website

V. Surgery appointment and advance payment

5.1 Application for surgery can be initiated by registering for the consultation online or by phone. Hair transplant surgeries are only possible at our clinic in Budapest, which has 2 operating rooms. (1044 Bp., Megyeri út 53. – also headquarters)

5.2 Surgeries are only performed after a personal or e-mail consultation, condition and problem assessment.

5.3 The egal relationship between the Patient and the Clinic is established by the prepayment of the surgical advance for reserving the surgical appointment, and by signing the surgical consent form signed on the day of the surgery. The contract terms for the surgery are also accepted and signed by both parties on the day of the surgery.


VI. Cancellation or modification of a pre-booked/booked surgery appointment / IN CASE OF SURGERY


6.1 Cancellation of the pre-booked surgery appointment or modification of the surgery appointment within a certain period of time entails an obligation to pay. The patient gives his consent that Art ‘N Hair (Private Clinic) deducts from the advance paid to him the reimbursement fee determined as follows in case of cancellation or modification of the surgery date:

The appointment can be changed or canceled at the latest up to the 21st calendar day before the scheduled surgery date without losing the advance payment.

If the date is changed between 21 and 7 calendar days before the scheduled date, 50% of the advance payment will be forfeited. Note: In case of medically justified disability (illness), the amendment does not affect the amount of the advance payment.

If the cancellation occurs within the 7th calendar day before the scheduled date, the advance payment will not be refunded.

6.2. It is possible to cancel or change the surgery date by e-mail, by phone or in person. If, due to the change of date, a deduction is made from the advance paid as detailed above, and the amount reduced by the deduction no longer covers the advance required to reserve the new surgery date, this amount must be replaced.

Question, modification, cancellation: phone: + 36 / 20 555 4545 | e-mail: |

VII. Payment and cancellation conditions for consultations and hair treatments



The next mesotherapy treatment – for non-members – can be booked against a booking fee of HUF 10,000, the booked date becomes final after receipt of the payment. The appointment fee must be paid in advance by bank card (Barion or Paypal) or by bank transfer within 24 hours after the appointment is issued.


In case of cancellation on the day of the mesotherapy treatment, 100% of the above deposit will be lost, the next treatment appointment can be requested by paying a new reservation fee.

In case of cancellation within 48 hours before the mesotherapy treatment, 50% of the above deposit will be lost, the next treatment appointment can be requested by paying a new reservation fee.


The next mesotherapy treatment can still be booked for season ticket holders free of charge, without a booking fee.


In case of cancellation on the day of the mesotherapy treatment, 1 session will be deducted, so it will be lost.

Cancellation within 48 hours before the mesotherapy treatment is possible once, the second time 1 session will be deducted, so it will be lost.


In the case of Blood Serum Therapy (PRP) treatments and MICROPIGMENTATION treatments, a penalty of HUF 20,000 will be invoiced in case of cancellation on the day of the treatment.


The fee for the personal consultation and hair camera examination (and the deposit for booking the first treatment appointment) is HUF 10,000, which must be paid in advance by bank card (or Paypal) or by bank transfer, within 24 hours after the appointment is issued.

The fee for the online consultation is HUF 5,000, which must be paid in advance by bank card or bank transfer within 24 hours of the appointment.

The one-time advance payment for the appointment is credited from the price of the treatment (surgery, hair treatment) or pass.

If the date has been fixed, but the consultation / treatment advance fee is not received within 24 hours after the appointment, the given date will be cancelled. Of course, it is possible to request another appointment, but we will free this up for another applicant.

We can provide a personalized offer and an individual hair transplant and treatment plan only in the context of a medical consultation.

The Patient receives information about the payment in the appointment confirmation e-mail and SMS. After the bank card payment (or Paypal) or the transfer has been credited, the consultation invoice will be sent by e-mail. At the time of the consultation / treatment, it is no longer possible to pay the fee / advance payment on the spot, the patient can only secure the appointment by paying in advance (online bank card payment – or Paypal – or transfer).


The Patient can cancel the consultation / treatment free of charge two working days before the consultation / treatment date at the latest, at any of our contact details below:

By phone/SMS/Viber: +36205553535

by e-mail –

On Facebook messenger –

VIII. Prices / Promotions

8.1. The surgical fee to be paid is always governed by the price confirmed by the advance payment and included in the written confirmation!

The price confirmed by advance payment cannot be changed afterwards, it cannot be changed afterwards for other package variations, it cannot be combined with other promotions or discounted prices. Our discount and promotional prices can only be valid for the indicated period, they cannot be combined with other discounts, they do not apply to operations confirmed in advance with a surgical advance and already booked.

IX. Online (link) payment process:


Payment by bank card or via the PayPal system is possible

Through the Simple Pay system: Online bank card payments are handled by the OTP Simple Pay system operated by OTP Mobil Szolgáltató Kft.

In case of payment by bank card, the Contracting Party is automatically redirected to the payment page of Simple Pay, where he must enter the data required by Simple Pay to pay the fee. The Service Provider draws the Contracting Party’s attention to the fact that payment for the products and services ordered by him is only possible with a bank card accepted by Simple Pay and suitable for online shopping. The payment transaction cannot be withdrawn after its execution. In the event of an unsuccessful payment transaction, an error message is displayed on the website, while in the event of a successful payment of the service fee, the amount of the service fee is immediately debited from the bank account balance of the Contracting Party.

Payment and bank card data provided on the Simple Pay payment page are not recognized or processed by the Service Provider.

Conducting the bank card payment transaction, managing the data provided during the payment, encrypting them and guaranteeing the security of the payment process is the sole responsibility of Simple Pay. Therefore, the Service Provider does not assume responsibility for problems related to bank card payments and problems falling under the jurisdiction of Simple Pay. The Service Provider also assumes no responsibility for the failure of the payment transaction, if the reason can be traced back to an error in the Internet connection.

After successful payment, the purchase is completed.

In the case of payment by bank card, we can only issue an invoice in the name of the cardholder. The customer can only be the cardholder.

Payment process

On the special payment page of, you select the product(s) for which you wish to pay by bank card.

After that, you will be transferred to the SIMPLE PAY secure payment guarantee page, where you need to fill in your card details to start the payment.

After entering the card data, you can start the transaction by clicking the Payment button.

ATTENTION! Do not close the window before the end of the transaction, until you receive a bank confirmation, because the purchase may be interrupted.

After the payment, you will return to the website, where you will receive a confirmation of the result of the transaction.


If you chose the bank transfer payment method, after filling out the order form and sending the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, in which we will send the data required for the transfer and the fee request automatically generated by the system to the specified e-mail address.

Please enter the total amount of the order (surgery advance / consultation fee / treatment appointment booking fee) here (gross amount, HUF)

To: Art ‘N Hair Kft.

Account number: 12010721-01904023-00100008

After receipt of the transfer, the invoice will be issued and sent electronically to the e-mail address provided during the order.

Our colleagues are constantly monitoring online payment transactions, and if they experience any errors, they will try to fix them as soon as possible and contact you (at the phone number / e-mail address provided).

X. About the patient information sheet and treatment consent statement

10.1. The Patient acknowledges that in order to use the Services, it is necessary to participate in a preliminary oral consultation or a consultation via e-mail, as well as to sign patient registration documentation and a consent statement on the day of the operation.

10.2. Before using the Service, the patient receives detailed verbal or written information about the entire course of the service (day of surgery, treatment). The patient acknowledges that, if he does not request it in writing, the forms, information, declaration of consent and patient registration form provided by the Private Clinic are sufficient for the use of the given Service, and by signing them he acknowledges that he has received sufficient prior information. You waive your request for further information.

10.3. The Patient acknowledges that if he/she refuses to sign the information or consent and health assessment statements required by law or requested by the Private Clinic, the Private Clinic is entitled to refuse to provide the Service and, if costs have arisen in this connection, to enforce it against the Patient.

10.4 Data related to the examination and medical treatment of the patient are contained in the medical documentation. The medical documentation must be kept in such a way that it reflects the care process in accordance with reality. The Clinic itself develops the rules for the storage of documentation, taking into account its possibilities. Documents must be protected against unauthorized access, theft, falsification, and physical destruction.

XI. Data protection

11.1. It is essential to record the Patient’s personal data to use the Service. Mánklinika is obliged to handle the Patient’s personal data in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, and may only disclose them to persons authorized by law.

11.2 The personal scope of data protection and data management is extended

to the data controller;

for all employees and contributing partners, patients and persons coming into contact with the Clinic of the data controller

who perform activities related to the creation or modification of software, application and/or change of hardware, data entry and/or data use in the IT system of the data controller;

11.3 Health and personal identification data may be processed to achieve the following goals:

  1. a) promoting the preservation, improvement and maintenance of health,
  2. b) promoting the effective treatment activities of the Clinic, including professional supervision,
  3. c) monitoring the state of health of the person concerned,
  4. d) taking the necessary measures in the interest of public health, public health and epidemiology,
  5. e) enforcement of patient rights.

11.4 The legal basis for data management is the voluntary consent of the data subjects, as well as the provisions of the law in the case of certain data management.

11.5 Acceptance of these GTC is considered a declaration of consent to data management. These Terms and Conditions are regarded as information for the data subject.

11.6 The Clinic strives to ensure that the following principles of personal data management are fully implemented:

personal data is only processed for specific purposes;

complies with this purpose in all stages of data management, including the scope of data managed;

the collection and processing of personal data is fair and legal;

the data is accurate, complete and timely;

if the identification of the data subject is not necessary, the data management is modified in such a way that the data subject cannot be identified based on the data;

the rights of the data subjects are properly enforced

11.7 The data can be accessed by those persons acting in the Clinic’s sphere of interest – especially trustees and employees – who need this for the performance of their activities and who are aware of the obligations related to the management of the data.

The Clinic only transmits or makes available the processed data to third parties if the data subject has expressly consented to this or if this is required by law.

The Clinic is entitled to use the data for statistical purposes in a way that is not suitable for personal identification.

11.8 In accordance with the applicable legislation, the Clinic is entitled to use a data processor for the purpose of certain technical operations. The data processor is only authorized to implement the Clinic’s decisions, in accordance with the Clinic’s instructions. The use of the data processor does not affect the responsibility of the Clinic.

The data processor performs tasks related to the electronic preservation of individual paper-based documents, the provision of IT services, and technical tasks related to data storage.

11.9 The Clinic takes all the necessary measures expected of it to ensure the security of the data, and ensures an adequate level of protection, especially against unauthorized access, change, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, as well as accidental destruction and damage.

XII. Miscellaneous and final provisions

12.1. Protection of medical confidentiality: The Clinic, as well as any other person in an employment relationship with the service provider, is bound by an obligation of confidentiality with regard to data related to the patient’s state of health, as well as other data obtained in connection with the work, without time limitation. The obligation of confidentiality is independent of how you got to know the data. The obligation of confidentiality therefore binds not only the treating doctor and the specialists, but also all employees of the institution.

With the exception of the forensic medical expert, the Clinic is also bound by the confidentiality obligation towards the patient care provider who did not cooperate in the patient’s medical treatment, unless the data is necessary for the further medical treatment of the treated person.

The patient can give a written exemption from the obligation of confidentiality, or the obligation to provide data based on law.

12.2 The parties wish to resolve any legal disputes arising from the management contract primarily through peaceful means, through negotiation. If the out-of-court negotiations do not lead to a result, the parties submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Szeged or the Court of Szeged, depending on the value limit.

12.3. In terms of issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions and the management contract, Hungarian law is the governing law.

The relevant legislation governing the contractual relationship of the parties is in particular the following:

CLIV of 1997 on health. law

LXXXIV of 2003 on certain issues of performing health care activities. law

XLVII of 1997 on the management and protection of health and related personal data. law

96/2003 on the general conditions for the practice of healthcare services and the operational licensing procedure. (VII.15.) Government order

ESZCSM Decree 60/2003 (X.20.) on the professional minimum conditions necessary for the provision of health services

the Civil Code

the professional protocols in force at the Private Clinic


Data of the website operator and the Author and Right Owner:

Name: Art ‘N Hair Kft.

Headquarters: 1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 53.

Tax number: 27084731-2-41

Company registration number: 01 09 348509

Representative: Managing Director Rita Tóth

Customer service e-mail address:, telephone: + 36 20 555 3535

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