Dear Patient!

You came to our clinic to have an FUE hair restoration. We will use the FUE ART technology which means that we will harvest grafts one by one mostly from the back of your head. These grafts are genetically immune to hormones that cause our hair to fall. This means that your implanted hair will never fall out. 

There will not be any scars or visible marks left on either the donor area or the area where we implant the grafts. The harvesting is done by a micro-knife which has a 0.9 millimeter blade, so we will make tiny scars that will heal very quickly. 

We use local anesthesia during the surgery. An average of 1400-1500 grafts can be implanted within one operation day. Harvesting more grafts may take two days, it depends on the number, density, quality, and even color of hair at the donor area.

After the procedure, the recovery is very quick. Within a week you can return to full-time work, but you need to restrain from sports activities and heavy physical activity for the next 2-3 weeks. After the procedure, you need to sprinkle your head with the physiological lotion we give you. You may have swellings around the forehead, eyes, or the skull you need to follow your doctor’s advice. Please be very careful thatafter  the treatment nothing touches your head on the recipient (implanted) area for at least 5-6 days (including towel, cap, pillow etc.). 

Your new hair may fall out in the next 3-4 weeks, this is completely normal. The important part, the grafts will stay remain and the growth of your new and strong hair can start soon. For male clients, it usually takes 8-12 months to get the full final result of the procedure.

Art ‘N Hair Guarantee: Our more than 10 years of professional knowledge and experience guarantee the success of your hair transplant. 98% of our patients consider the results at the 1-year follow-up to be excellent or adequate in line with their expectations.

In 2% of the cases, a biological reaction different from the average can occur, so due to the unique characteristics of the patient, the hair follicles are embedded in the scalp in a lower percentage.

If, after the 1-year check-up, our doctors consider that less than 90% of the transplanted hair has remained, we will replace the missing amount, and therefore in such a case we will only charge an operating room fee (25% of the current list price of a 1-day hair transplant ).

For the patient’s own sake, it is MANDATORY to participate in the periodic control examinations determined by the clinic (in person or by e-mail). If the controls are not carried out, our clinic cannot perform the appropriate follow-up, and thus the patient risks the success of the operation!

If the patient does not comply with the sending of pictures / personal appearance during the mandatory and specified control periods, the Art ‘N Hair hair clinic will no longer be held responsible.


Bandage from the donor area can be removed in case there is no bleeding. In case of bleeding only remove the following morning. To protect your pillow you may use the tissues we provide for the night after the treatment. You need nothing to do with the donor area. The small scars will disappear after a few days, your hair will grow quickly and nothing will be visible very soon. 


At the transplanted area, there are certain things to pay attention to:

The grafts need approximately three-four days to root in. Coffee and cigarettes are not recommended during this time. The first week nothing should touch this area. If possible do not sweat, and should avoid getting sunburnt.
After the end of your procedure, you need to sprinkle this area every 2 hours with the pickle we provide. You don’t need to wake up for this during the night.
From the 4th day with diluted shampooed water (speacial shampoo, provided in your surgery-pack), you may wash your hair gently. As a result of this, the area will clean off and this will help your recovery and the success of the procedure.
Sports are not allowed. Only passive sex. No strenuous activity.
Avoid any activity that creates blood pressure elevation in your head, such as bending over, lifting heavy objects, etc.
After the 3rd week, you can return to your completely normal life step by step.
After a month you can do everything as before. You may swim, but still, try to avoid getting sunburnt.
Your new hair shall be visible now and it can be treated as any other parts, you can cut it, or color it.


at the transplanted area you may see a rash, or the skin can be swollen, but that will quickly heal after 1-2 days. Oedema can go to the eyes also but it will disappear after 3-4 days. Pain and fewer are very seldom, but it may be the case. If necessary take your usual anti-fewer pill. You may feel itchy in the transplanted area. It is forbidden to touch it!

Your transplanted hair is 1-2 millimeters long. It will fall out after 3-4 weeks, which is normal. Then it will start growing again. It takes a maximum of 10-12 months to see the full result of the procedure.



Medicines during your procedure

2×2  Dicynone – Styptic (to reduce possible bleeding) 

Lidocaine – for local anaesthesia

Medicines to take at home after the procedure

Augmentin Actil Duo  – antibiotics for  prevention

2 pill a day (1 in the morning and 1 evening)                  for 5 days 

Voltaren Pill.   –   Painkiller                                    

 If necessary 1 pill

Pills, tissues, and pickle you will receive when leaving the clinic. 

For washing your hair after the procedure you need to use chemical free shampoo, like a baby shampoo.

Do not drive right after your procedure!                 

If you have any further questions:

phone/whatsapp: + 36 / 20 555 3535


messenger: /artnhairklinika

Ne másold, köszi! :)